Kevin James Comedy Tickets

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So, you’re eager to experience the impeccable humor of a Kevin James comedy show, but you’re not quite sure where to secure those golden tickets? Don’t sweat! There are numerous platforms where you can purchase your Kevin James show tickets with ease.

Top-tier ticketing platforms like StubHub, Ticketmaster, and Vivid Seats often have tickets available for purchase. But, always remember to cross-check the prices and the seat location before making your final purchase. Ensure you’re getting your money’s worth! It’s a no-brainer to occasionally visit it for updates on tour dates, venues, and ticket availability.

Kevin James Show Tickets

Date City Venue
May 12, 2024 Huntington, NY The Paramount
May 18, 2024 Medford, MA Chevalier Theatre
May 31, 2024 Albany, NY The Palace Theatre Albany
June 2, 2024 Buffalo, NY Shea’s Performing Arts Center
June 6, 2024 Huntington, NY The Paramount
June 14, 2024 Rockford, IL Coronado Performing Arts Center
June 15, 2024 Gary, IN Hard Rock Live Northern Indiana
June 16, 2024 Indianapolis, IN Clowes Memorial Hall
June 27, 2024 Colorado Springs, CO Pikes Peak Center
June 28, 2024 Denver, CO Bellco Theatre
June 29, 2024 Salt Lake City, UT Delta Center
September 14, 2024 Atlantic City, NJ Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena
September 15, 2024 Bethlehem, PA The Wind Creek Event Center
October 19, 2024 Mashantucket, CT Premier Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino

A Look at Kevin James’s Stand-up Comedy

Kevin James, a stalwart of stand-up comedy, has been splitting sides across the nation for over two decades. Known primarily for his role as the lovable underdog on the hit TV show The King of Queens, James has carved out a niche in the comedy world with his everyman appeal and relatable humor. As he embarks on his latest tour, fans old and new are buzzing with excitement to catch him live.

Before he was cracking us up on the big screen, Kevin James was a master of the stand-up stage. His journey into comedy started in the high school wrestling team, where he wooed his teammates with his wit. His passion for making people laugh led him to the East Side Comedy Club in Long Island, where he honed his comedic skills. 🎭 🤩

While Kevin James has had much success on the small screen and in films, he has always maintained his stand-up roots. His comedy style, a blend of observational and physical comedy, keeps audiences in stitches. Whether he’s joking about his weight, his family, or everyday life scenarios, Kevin James’s stand-up comedy is an undeniable crowd-pleaser.

Why See Kevin James Live?

Experiencing the humor of Kevin James live is nothing short of an extraordinary experience. His ability to connect with the audience and bring humor to relatable situations is a testament to his comedic genius. Whether you’re a long-standing fan of his stand-up or a lover of his sitcom performances, attending a Kevin James comedy show is sure to leave you with a smile on your face and a belly full of laughter.

Kevin James has a series of comedy show dates listed on his website, spanning from May to October 2024. Locations include major cities like Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, along with other venues across the U.S. like Huntington, Torrington, Medford, Lancaster, Albany, Waterloo, Buffalo, Rockford, Gary, Indianapolis, Colorado Springs, Denver, Salt Lake City, Atlantic City, Bethlehem, and Mashantucket. More cities are announced to be coming soon.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Kevin James show tickets and brace yourself for an evening of hilarious entertainment that you won’t forget in a hurry! 👏👯

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just getting acquainted with his hilarious talents, Kevin James’s comedy style is worth understanding. After all, laughter is the best medicine, and Kevin sure has a knack for dishing it out! His unique brand of humor has been tickling funny bones across the globe, and there’s a reason why he’s considered one of the top comedians in the business.

The charm of a live Kevin James show also lies in its unpredictability. Whether he’s riffing on the quirks of everyday life or delving into the absurdities of human behavior, you’re not just watching a performance; you’re part of it. It’s this interactive essence that makes each ticket not just a pass to a show, but a key to a treasure chest of joy. The echo of laughter, the shared smiles, and the collective enjoyment are assonance in action, where the repeated sounds of joy bind the audience in a symphony of good spirits.

Moreover, Kevin’s approachable persona and his knack for observational comedy make his shows a magnet for those looking to escape the drudgery of daily life. By the end of the night, you’re not only entertained but refreshed, having found humor in the familiar with one of comedy’s kindest kings.

Kevin James Comedy Show: What to Expect

If you’ve got your hands on Kevin James tickets, you’re in for a real treat! His stand-up shows are a joyous journey of jokes, laughter, and feel-good fun. Kevin has a way of making the mundane come alive, turning everyday scenarios into hilarious comedy gold.

His shows are a masterclass in storytelling. Each routine is carefully crafted, designed to take you on a comedic journey filled with twists and turns. It’s like diving headfirst into a funhouse of humor, filled with side-splitting laughs and cheeky chuckles. And needless to say, his timing is impeccable – a crucial ingredient in the comedy recipe that Kevin has perfected.

Throughout his performance, Kevin maintains an engaging, conversational tone, making you feel at ease. It’s like having a chat with a friend, except this friend happens to be a comedy genius. His relatability is part of his charm; he doesn’t rely on highbrow humor or obscure references. Instead, it’s all about the funny foibles of everyday life. So, whether you’re a fan of his sitcom or it’s your first time dipping your toes into the Kevin James comedy pool, his show is sure to give you a hearty dose of hilarity.🎙🤵

Tips for Getting the Best Seats at a Kevin James Show

When it comes to bagging the best seats at a Kevin James comedy show, timing is everything. Buying your tickets early increases your chances of securing the best seats. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of new shows and be ready to snag your tickets immediately!

Additionally, consider joining fan clubs or mailing lists. These usually offer pre-sale tickets, giving you the upper hand in scoring prime seating.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of a good seat map. Familiarize yourself with the venue layout to understand where you would prefer to sit. Do you value a central view, or perhaps proximity to the stage? Knowing the layout will guide your seat selection for the ultimate viewing experience.


1. Are there discounted tickets available for Kevin James shows?

Yes, discounted tickets are often available for various groups such as students, military personnel, and seniors. Additionally, fans should keep an eye on promotional offers through Kevin James’ official website or ticketing platforms, which may include early bird discounts or special packages. Joining fan clubs or email newsletters can also alert you to exclusive deals and savings.

2. What should I wear to a Kevin James show?

The dress code for a Kevin James comedy show is generally casual. Comfort is key as you’ll be seated for the duration of the performance, often in a laid-back venue setting. Some fans choose to wear attire featuring logos or quotes from Kevin’s shows or movies, adding a fun and personal touch to the evening. However, dressing up a bit more for upscale venues like those in Las Vegas or New York City might enhance your night out.

3. How much do Kevin James tickets cost?

The cost of tickets can vary widely based on the venue, city, and seating choice. Generally, prices range from $35 for standard seats to upwards of $100 for premium seating or VIP experiences. It’s advisable to set a budget before tickets go on sale, as premium options can include perks like meet-and-greets or better views.

4. How long are Kevin James comedy shows?

Kevin James’ comedy shows typically last between 90 to 120 minutes. There are usually no intermissions, so it’s a straight run of laughter and entertainment. The length can vary slightly depending on the venue or special segments during the tour, so it’s a good idea to check the specific details for your show when purchasing tickets.